Since 1986, You Are the Difference Foundation, Inc
has provided quality group home and residential treatment and supervision services to Los Angeles County Probation-referred youth.

Loving Life Home is located in Compton, CA, and serves fourteen males age 13-18 in the Southwest area of Los Angeles. We have provided a consistent and unique service to children and families of the community for more than 22 years. Our program has received numerous accolades from court judges, parents, former resident and staff of the Los Angeles County Department of Probation.

About Loving Life Home

At Loving Life Home, children and parents attend individual and family therapy. We provide a short-term, intensive treatment and supervision focused program. We work closely with other community agencies who have DMH contracts.

We provide skill building activities for independent living for youth 17-18 who are leaving the system. Direct referrals for placements of youth who are at risk for homelessness is provided. Learn more about us here.

Compton Location: (310) 608-0150 FAX: (323) 608-6920